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G&P M249 SF HPA (5G Sale)

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Product Code: GP-JAK009
Weight: 7,200 g
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Featuring G&Ps Improved Collapsible Buttstock, the G&P M249 SF is a fearsome weapon. With an integrated bipod, as well as a rail system to allow optics, and other accessories to be installed. Constructed from Aluminum, PA, Steel and Die-Cast; the M249 is very robust. Ammo is fed directly from the Box Mag into the gun, without an adaptor. The M249 uses the PolarStar JACK system which is designed to be reliable and provide stable shooting which in turns works great being coupled with an LMG.

The box mag fits very tightly, ensuring a smooth BB feed. It features an integrated pressure switch to load its BBs, as well as realistic markings painted on the plastic box. The Box Mag can hold up to 3000 rounds.

When not in use, the M249s side hatch smoothly fits a standard M4/16 magazine (for aesthetic purposes only). The bolt carrier can also be retched.

Inner Barrel Length: 14.5 Inches
Overall Length (Extended): 840 mm
Overall Length (Compact): 808 mm

  • G&P M249 SF
  • Aluminium Metal Body.
  • Para Flash hider with Safety Lock.
  • Complete Gearbox with Steel Gears.
  • M249 Improved Collapsible Buttstock (GP843).
  • M249 Dummy 5.56 Cartridge Belt.
  • HPA & Mini FCU
  • M249 Auto Loading Ammo Box (3000rds) (GP807).
  • Recommended battery: 7.4v ONLY.
    (Batteries NOT Included)