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PRODUCT DETAILS Supercell ASC7 Claymore Mine with Wired Remote and Laser Tripwire Unit

Supercell ASC7 Claymore Mine with Wired Remote and Laser Tripwire Unit

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Supercell Development

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Supercell Development Inc. brings us their take on the iconic Claymore Anti-Personnel mine. This one features a similar mechanism we've seen in the past. Powerful spring-loaded arms tethered with a high strength fabric catapult designed to launch it's payload very rapidly with a short ranged, wide dispersal pattern which it does so quite well with the added bonus of the spring mechanism's virtually instant detonation. The release is controlled by a servo that is powered by a standard 9v battery housed within the mine itself. Redwolf recommends using Energizer or Duracell brand 9V batteries for best results.

This package includes the basic wired remote with a 9.5 meter (31 feet) long cord, it utilizes a co-axial setup as the remote is a switch device making use of the mine's own power source and wiring so the remote needs no battery; it might be the least sexy of it's triggering options but it's hard to deny this base default choice is incredibly reliable (so long as it's plugged in of course).

Also, this box set includes the laser tripwire unit which is essentially a light-gate relay box powered by it's own 9v battery. By default, the light gate remains "off" if armed and lit up by an outside source, be it a literal laser beam shining on the aperture or simply making use of strong light. The box can be opened to access the control board; the internals can be rewired simply to invert the relay trigger to remain "off" when armed and dark to be triggered by a laser on the aperture or intense light. That means you can remotely set off the claymore by shining your laser beam from your gun onto the sensor, which gives you more options for detonation.

Redwolf Airsoft recommends using Energizer or Duracell brand 9v standard batteries for the ASC7 Claymore for best results, other brands may suffer from inadequate amperage to power the unit resulting in no response.

Please read the MANUAL and make sure to WATCH THE VIDEOS ON THE DISC included in the box set to avoid damaging your ASC7 Claymore and learn how to use it properly.

Also, check out our video on the applications of the Supercell Development ASC7 Claymore Anti-Personnel mine.:

Disclaimer: All aftermarket upgrade parts require necessary skill or modification to install and assemble, please consult with your airsoft technician if needed.

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