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PRODUCT DETAILS 3D MMP M2 Browning Steel & Aluminum AEG Version

3D MMP M2 Browning Steel & Aluminum AEG Version

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Product Code: 3DMGUM-EG-01-0001
Weight: 28,000 g
Length: 1,650 mm
Capacity: 2500 rds
Power: 400 fps (1.47 Joules)
Battery Size: 7.4v
Shooting Mode: Full Auto
Unit Price: USD$2899.99



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  • 1:1 replica of the iconic Browning M2 Machine Gun
  • Standard Version 2 internals
  • Press lever trigger
  • Steel body
  • Utilizes M249 gear box
  • CNC Steel Parts
  • Adjustable Hop Up


    Length - 1650 mm
    Weight - 28000 g
    Magazine Capacity - 2500 Rounds
    Power Source - Battery Powered
    Blowback - No
    Shooting Modes - Full Auto
    Hop-up - Adjustable.
    Magazine Compatibility - M249 Magazine.

    The 3D MMP Browning M2 is pushing realism in making airsoft replicas to the very extreme with its 1 to 1 replication of this iconic machine gun still used by military forces around the world today. Whether it be in terms of size or weight, the M2 is impressive and is sure to be the center of attention no matter where it is. While being an impressive replica in terms of looks, it also is a functional airsoft machine gun. It utilizes the M249 gear box and version 2 internals which means you will find it as reliable as AEGs that sport those internal specs. Coupling its internals with its realistic press lever trigger, the gunner will have a machine gun that can shoot to their heart's content.


  • Single Piece 3D Printed Gearbox & Inner barrel
  • Charging Handle
  • Charging Handle Spring & Spring Guides
  • Press Lever Trigger (Mounted in)
  • Outer Barrel Exension
  • M2 Body
  • M249 Style Magazine Pouch

    Notes* M2 Bipod must be bought separately & mock rounds are not included. Pre-order takes 1 month for shipping!

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