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Magpul PTS MBUS2 Rear Sight (DE)

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Magpul PTS

Product Code: PT060450313
Length: 65 mm
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The Magpul PTS Back-up sight is not any ordinary sight, and as you can see by the photos below, they really are handsome-looking things. There's something quite muscular and "beefy" about the shape of this that give it a futuristic, cutting-edge look.

Rather than requiring the sight to be manually flipped-up by hand, it has a neat spring-loaded action that will raise the sight into place once you press the buttons found on the side. Of course, being a Magpul product, the quality of this product is every bit as good as it looks, with a durable DuPont Polymer construction that makes this one solid sight.

Magpul PTS offers both MBUS and MBUS2 sights which share the same function but are a little different in design (which you can see in the photos). As various weapons can have built in sights, fixed sights or mixed fixed and removable sights Magpul PTS offers MBUS and MBUS2 front and rear sights separately.

The rear sights has two selectable peep-hole sizes which are adjustable and the front sight is a post. Both front and rear sights have protective blades on the sides and all sights are available in a range of Magpul colors.

Disclaimer: All aftermarket upgrade parts require necessary skill or modification to install and assemble, please consult with your airsoft technician if needed.

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