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PRODUCT DETAILS VFC H&K MP7A1 Silencer (Umarex Licensed)

VFC H&K MP7A1 Silencer (Umarex Licensed)

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Product Code: VF9-SS-MP7-02
Length: 222 mm
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Unit Price: USD$69.99

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*Also fit the VFC 1:1 scale MP7.

A combination of steel and Aluminium gives us one heck of a sturdy all-metal QD silencer. It comes with a standard style flash hider that replaces the stock one on your KSC gas blowback MP7 and allows you to drop on this silencer over the top easy as pushing a catch and sliding it on.

With no tools required and only moment to add / remove your silencer, it combines easy use with looking cool. Although suppressors do not offer much difference with the sound in Airsoft generally, at least in gas weapons it will pull the source of the report and gas emission further away from your face. The tubular structure, although not quieting, will at least change the sound and possibly the some spread of the sound from your gas weapon.

A nice touch, this model features full H&K design features and markings as it is fully and properly licensed. Combine that with VFC build quality, you have yourself one very neat suppressor. Even if your not that keen on markings yourself, they do look good in photos, in display cabinets and of course for close up / high res shots during photo-shoots, filming and other theatrical purposes.

Disclaimer: All aftermarket upgrade parts require necessary skill or modification to install and assemble, please consult with your airsoft technician if needed.

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