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PRODUCT DETAILS Socom Gear 11.1V. 1000mAh. Li Po Battery ( 10C Stick Version AK Series) (Clearance)

Socom Gear 11.1V. 1000mAh. Li Po Battery ( 10C Stick Version AK Series) (Clearance)

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Socom Gear

Product Code: AEGPOWER-03
Weight: 100 g
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New and Improved how? According to SOCOM Gear, these new LiPo's are designed specifically for Airsoft guns, and not a rebrand of RC Batteries. Thus they have a higher voltage, and currents whilst using a less hazardous formula.

Designed by SOCOM Gear's in-house R&D Team, and inspected and tested to the highest QC standards, these new Li-Poly Batteries offers a 150% more BBs per second!

Suitable for use with:

  • AK Series.
  • Specifications:
    Nominal Capacity 1500mAh* / Nominal Voltage 11.1V** / CELL internal resistance ≦20mΩ / Charge Current max.1.5A(1C)
    Voltage max.4.25V / Discharge Continuous Current Max.22.5A per cell, 67.5A per pack(15C)
    Burst Current Max.30.0A per cell 90A per pack (20C)
    Voltage cut-off 3.0V/ Cycle Life / 80% Retention / 1C 500 cycle / 10 C 100 cycle / Self -Discharge <8% per month
    Operating Temperature Range /Charge 0℃∼45℃ 32℉∼113℉ / Discharge -20℃~60℃ -4℉∼140℉
    Storage -20℃~40℃ -4℉∼104℉
    Pack Dimension Thickness 16.0?0.5mm 0.63?0.05 in. / Width 34.0?0.5mm 1.34?0.05 in. / Length 150.0?1.0mm 6?0.05 in.
    Weight Appro 114.0g

    *Nominal capacity (average discharge capacity) : discharge current 0.5C, end of voltage 3.0V, temperature 23?2℃.
    **Nominal voltage (average discharge voltage): discharge current 0.5C, end of voltage 3.0 V, temperature 23?2℃.

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