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PRODUCT DETAILS KTW Type 38 Infantry Rifle (Arisaka M1905)

KTW Type 38 Infantry Rifle (Arisaka M1905)

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Product Code: KTW-4571383520714
Weight: 3,450 g
Length: 1,276 mm
Capacity: 22 rds
Power: 270 fps (0.67 Joules)
Power Source: Spring
Blowback: NO
Shooting Mode: Bolt Action
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Unit Price: USD$999.99

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The Imperial Japanese Army introduced the Type 30 rifle in 1897. However, the weapon had numerous shortcomings, which were highlighted by combat experience in the early stages of the Russo-Japanese War. These included bursting cartridges, a poorly designed lock in which excess gunpowder tended to accumulate, burning the face of the shooter, frequent misfires, jamming, difficulty in cleaning, and cartridge extraction. Major Kijiro Nambu undertook a redesign of the Type 30, which was introduced in 1906. Nambu reduced the number of parts making up the Type 30's bolt from nine to six and at that same time simplified manufacture and disassembly of the bolt without the need for tools. A dust cover was added because of experiences in the Russo-Japanese War that left rifles inoperable from dust.

<li>The bolt is welded to a cylinder. Dust cover, all covering it up are iron. The receiver is made by a zinc die-casting.
<li>Carved seal similar to real steel
<li>Real wood furniture
<li>A rear sight hats adjustable
<li>Adjustable hop up

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