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PRODUCT DETAILS Airsoft Surgeon Warrior Bag (Clearance)

Airsoft Surgeon Warrior Bag (Clearance)

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Airsoft Surgeon

Product Code: AS-WB
Weight: 6,600 g
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This is one huge bag from Airsoft Surgeon, woven from 500D Nylon with foam padding and lightweight PVC boards for protection it is both tough and durable. The bag in its base configuration is 90cm (35.5 inches) long, after a quick unzipping however the bag can be extended to become 117cm (46 inches) long. That?s an entire 27cm (11 inches) longer!

Inside the bag is a huge empty expanse of space. Able to fit 4x full length M16s plus all the bells and whistles attached along with all your other gear. The bag itself has 2x internal MOLLE riggings of 64cm long and 28cm tall, they also act as a partition for you to store your 1 gun with straps at the top to keep your guns in place.

Externally on the Warrior Bag is a great big Velcro Patch for you to stick on some of your favorite tags, as well as even more MOLLE riggings. Carry handles can be found almost everywhere with an extendable handle to drag the Warrior Bag along its rugged two-wheel system. Overall the Airsoft Surgeon bag is the ideal transportation bag for all your heavy duty gears! The Airsoft Surgeon Warrior Bag features:

  • Bag is expandable to carry almost any length weapons in your arsenal.
  • All MOLLE accessories are compatible with MOLLE riggings on interior and exterior of the bag.
  • Constructed with ruggedized two-wheel system with extendable handle for easy transportation.
  • Wide-opening flap design allowing easy access to all your gear.
  • Constructed with lockable heavy duty zippers to safe storage of gear.
  • Airsoft Surgeon Warrior Bag is built to meet all airline baggage check-in specifications.
  • For authenticity, An Airsoft Surgeon Leather Patch with individually stitched serial numbers will be tagged with each Airsoft Surgeon Warrior Bag.
  • Compact Dimensions (H x W x L, cm): 38.2 x 32 x 90
    Expanded Dimensions (H x W x L, cm): 38.2 x 32 x 117

    Disclaimer: All aftermarket upgrade parts require necessary skill or modification to install and assemble, please consult with your airsoft technician if needed.

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