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PRODUCT DETAILS PANTAC Molle Expedition Backpack (Khaki / Cordura) (Clearance)

PANTAC Molle Expedition Backpack (Khaki / Cordura) (Clearance)

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Product Code: PK-C769-TN-A
Weight: 3,200 g
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A very large CORDURA backpack, it lives up to its name as an expedition model with its sheer ruggedness and massive carry volume all wrapped up in some serious straps and buckles (adjustable) to ensure your pack stays bundled nice and tight.

This pack does not mess around, the main compartment runs virtually the whole length and width of the bag; access to the main compartment is available via the top flap as well as a side zip. The main compartment is approximately 25 x 35 x 62cm making it more then capable of taking both large guns as well as utility loads. There is also a waterproof flap with draw string for sealing the main compartment to a weatherproof degree ensuring even the heaviest rain will stay of your carry load or visa versa your wet clothing will not leak moisture.

The flap also can act as an extender expanding the length of the main compartment from 62cm out to about 92cm. Putting this in to context, an AK-47 is about 97cm long, an M16A2 around 100cm; this pack is large enough to take all but the most extreme length weapons and can easily accommodate the girth of multiple weapons or even a single monstrous piece like an M249 or even an M60E4.

In terms of practical use and comfort, the pack features both shoulder straps and waist straps and both, as well as a back pad, are all heavily padded to help spread the contact when carrying a heavy payload.

In terms of secondary compartments, again this setup does not bother with fiddly little pockets. The top flap encloses as small pocket in itself to form an easy access top pouch for quick reach item when in transport. The front of the pack incorporates a secondary pouch with a side access zip, this pouch is approximately 45 x 35cm allowing to store a whole myriad of secondary equipment including large scopes, pistols or possibly even submachine guns.

And of course, what Pantac apparel would be complete without a generous soaking in a pool of MOLLE rigging. Caked in the stuff, this pack has MOLLE on all sides (yes ALL sides) so you can add additional pouches, utilities and even secondary packs to your wildest logistical desires.

Furthermore, typically thorough of Pantac, this model is available in a variety of major color schemes so be sure to check them all out to see what fits with your needs. This pack is so robust and practical, it even stands above and beyond Airsoft as it could easily serve as a general purpose hiking, camping of backpacking base rig with its ability to both function as a great pack as well as incorporate a theoretically unlimited amount of MOLLE attach additions.

Disclaimer: All aftermarket upgrade parts require necessary skill or modification to install and assemble, please consult with your airsoft technician if needed.

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