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PRODUCT DETAILS James Weekend Warrior AT Camo Combat Uniform (XL Size) (Clearance)

James Weekend Warrior AT Camo Combat Uniform (XL Size) (Clearance)

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James offers a complete jacket and pants BDU set at a competitive price; available in different sizes, this type of BDU features the modern AT style camo pattern. In military style fashion, the jacket and pants offer a spread of Velcro pads and pockets for multi-purpose cargo carrying use. Composed of ripstop fabric, it will also resist wear and tear like the best of them and help reign in rips to prevent them spreading.

Newer disruptive pattern camos use digital patterns rather then organic blobs of yesteryear to rely on distance blurring to produce an natural disruption pattern but the problem is that at shorter ranges the blurring fails and it becomes very blocky and high profile. More so, this is compounded with the use of unnatural colors.

AT uses a mixed macro blur pattern that contains soft pixels with no hard lines which allows a far more natural blurring effect at at much closer range as well as superior blending at greater range. Although it is obviously designed for the middle east, AT incorporates far less contrasted colors as found in the more realistically dusty and muddy environments of real life.

James Weekend Warrior AT camo combat uniforms come with both the jacket and pants included in the same package. Each package comes with a choice of sizes, consult the table below for the sizing range:

Disclaimer: All aftermarket upgrade parts require necessary skill or modification to install and assemble, please consult with your airsoft technician if needed.

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