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PRODUCT DETAILS Tactical Decisions Tactical Sling DOLG M3 Universal (Coyote Brown)

Tactical Decisions Tactical Sling DOLG M3 Universal (Coyote Brown)

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Tactical Decisions

Product Code: TADCBG-SL-0-07-0001
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The DOLG-?3 can be used with:

- Assault rifles
- Semi-automatic shotguns
- Pump-action shotguns
- Submachine guns and compact assault rifles
- Sniper rifles and self-loading hunting carbines
- Light machine guns and grenade launchers.

The sling is suitable for both right and left handed users, as long as the sling can be attached to the weapon from the correct side. Slings of the DOLG system are a Russian design. Due to a unique principle of operation, they provide complete freedom of movement, manipulation speed, maximum comfort of weapon carrying and capabilities, not provided by any other tactical sling. Installing the sling:

1. Remove the extra hook. The adjustment strap hook or the adjustment strap itself should be set on the front swivel.
2. The rear sling loop is initially assembled the way it should be fitted to the head of the stock. If your weapon has a folding stock, the rear sling loop is fitted a little loosely, pulling the loop through the default swivel to prevent it from sliding along the stock.
If the stock of
your weapon does not fold, the loop is fitted as tightly as possible. The strap should go through the buckle three times to secure the knot. 3. To fold the stock, turn the rear sling loop carefully and ensure there are no buckles or seams on the place of folding (the sling should be above the receiver).
4. The adjustment strap hook has an extra hook attached to it. The extra hook is not usually used in attaching the sling to the weapon. But it is necessary to use it instead of a loop, when the weapon has a rear sling mount for a hook where the stock is attached to the receiver.

Pull the adjustment buckle and the weapon slides along the sling. Use one hand to pull the adjustment strap downwards, raising the gun by the grip with the other hand. The sling does not slide across the user's back, instead, the weapon moves along the sling.

Slings of the DOLG system, among other things, can be used as single point slings for submachine guns. This single point sling is one of a kind. The size of the sling remains the same, while the position of the weapon can be changed easily using the adjustment strap. The sling is only attached with the adjustment strap to the rear sling mount of the gun, while the loop is removed from the sling and size adjustments made.

Disclaimer: All aftermarket upgrade parts require necessary skill or modification to install and assemble, please consult with your airsoft technician if needed.

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