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PRODUCT DETAILS Esstac Daeodon Front Panel 3+3 9mm & 7.62 - Multicam

Esstac Daeodon Front Panel 3+3 9mm & 7.62 - Multicam

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Product Code: ESSCBG-VT-0-13-0003
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Esstac is a US veteran owned tactical gear manufacturer based in Washington, US that focus on providing practical, minimalist , battle proven and cost effective solutions for LE/ Military and civilian tactical applications.

The Daeodon Front Panel 3+3 7.62 & 9mm is part of the Daeodon Assault Panel system that utilizes the velcro and ITW QASM buckle system for easy attachment / replacement. All Daeodon Panels / KYWI Pouch series would have the KYWI kydex insert that provides a firm secure retention of your precious magazines without having to move any flaps or straps to access them.

The 7.62 & 9mm Panel offers 3x 7.62 magazine pouches that would hold 3x AR-10 / SCAR-H / similar sized magazines and 3x general sized 9mm double stack pistol magazines. The KYWI inserts are length adjustable so you can move it up and down for accommodating longer / shorter magazines, it will even fit 33 round Glock magazines!

*Also fits to any other plate carrier with 2x ITW QASM buckles and Velcro backed mounting systems, such as Mayflower APC / Mission Spec EOC / Warrior Assault Systems etc.

Disclaimer: All aftermarket upgrade parts require necessary skill or modification to install and assemble, please consult with your airsoft technician if needed.

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