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PRODUCT DETAILS Technikom 6SH116 (Senior Rifleman) Vest- No Backpack & Pouches - Digital Flora

Technikom 6SH116 (Senior Rifleman) Vest- No Backpack & Pouches - Digital Flora

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Product Code: TEMCBG-VT-0-67-0004
Weight: 660 g
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Technikom is a Russia-based producer that have been supplying to Russian military forces for two decades, their products are Made in Russia, used by Russian forces, which means these items have been tested in field to prove they work and will stand up to the beatings of any kind.

UMBTS is a new system adopted by the Russian military to improve the fighting capabilities of their infantry forces, it adopts the standard Molle system items, which reduces the overall weight and allows more flexibility for fulfilling mission requirements.

Ratnik system is the upgrade from UMBTS system, which is part of the next generation fighting equipment system, that further improves the user friendliness and is slowly replacing the older UMBTS system with feedbacks from the battlefield of Syria.

This is the Technikom 6SH116 (Senior Rifleman) load bearing vest which part of the Ratnik infantry system, it improves from the previous 6sh112 with a one piece waist band instead of the older 3 piece model. Its only a molle platform to build on, so there are no pouches, but it does feature plenty of Molle slots which can be tailored to the users needs. Perfect rig for those who want to look like they are part of the Russian military. Black Agency Arms Shirt, Camo pants and Marck not included.

Disclaimer: All aftermarket upgrade parts require necessary skill or modification to install and assemble, please consult with your airsoft technician if needed.