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PRODUCT DETAILS ARES PPSH1 Electric Blowback Airsoft Rifle

ARES PPSH1 Electric Blowback Airsoft Rifle

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Product Code: SMG-003
Weight: 3,706 g
Length: 840 mm
Capacity: 2000 rds
Power: 370 fps (1.26 Joules)
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
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Unit Price: USD$317.99

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One of the most prolific of all Soviet weapons in World War II is the PPSH-41. Even the Germans loved the SMG with the captured PPSH-41 being the second most common submachine gun used.

For those of you who play FPS games like the Call of Duty series, you'll find the PPSH-41 in CoD: World at War as that insanely high rate of fire submachine gun with low recoil!

The Ares PPSH1 is a close replica of the Soviet PPSH-41 and features a Stamped Steel body just like its real steel big brother, complete with a High Capacity Drum Magazine, and a real wooden stock. What sets this AEG aside is the fact that ir gives a very realistic blowback when firing.

Featuring a newly designed reinforced gearbox housing utilizing Ares' Easy Power Step Up System with 8mm ball bearings & oily steel bushings with a steel 7 teethed POM Hard Piston.

This Replica Electric Blowback SMG is a must have for all WWII enthusiasts!

We recommend using the G&P 9.6V 2000mAh V-shaped battery (GP-BAT001).

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