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G&P Rapid Fire - AEG

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Product Code: GP-AEG059
Weight: 2,990 g
Length: 695 mm
Capacity: 340 rds
Power: 340 fps (1.06 Joules)
Battery Size: 7.4v with Small Deans
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
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Unit Price: USD$289.00

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Rapid Fire. Does it live up to its name? We'll get to that in a bit. At first glance, it's a M4 but a very pretty M4. At the back we have a VLTOR extendable stock giving it an extra 3 inches and within the stock tube, you can fit a 7.4 Lithium Polymer battery. This is something we suggest you use or else you'll fry the internals. Moving forward, is a G&P Fish Scale styled grip which is very comfortable to hold, a rail along the top running half the length of the gun with a flip down rear sight and a regular front post which is where the rail ends.

It has Quad rails for all your crazy accessorizing specifications but it comes with a stubby G&P fore grip. At the front, you'll notice that it comes with a suppressor which you can take off, but inside the suppressor is a inner barrel which extends the length of the inner barrel of the actual M4 giving that much more power!

It comes with a fully licensed Troy BattleMag hi-cap for AEGs which can fit any M4 that allows AR/m16/m4 style hi-cap magazines. It has smooth feeding with a G&P Marui hop up unit within giving you that accuracy you want with a out of the box M4. Does it live up to the name? Not really. It fires just as quickly as any new G&P M4 but with a few internal upgrades with the pistons and motor, it'll live up to its name!

OUR tests show that it shoots at 366 fps WITH the extended inner barrel suppressor and 345 fps without the suppressor!