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PRODUCT DETAILS King Arms Thompson M1928 Chicago

King Arms Thompson M1928 Chicago

Product Brand:

King Arms

Product Code: KA-AG-67
Weight: 3,902 g
Length: 870 mm
Capacity: 450 rds
Power: 360 fps (1.19 Joules)
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
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Unit Price: USD$294.99

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The Thompson is an American submachine gun, invented by John T. Thompson in 1919, that was well used during WWII but became infamous during the Prohibition era. It was a common sight in the media of the time, being used by both law enforcement officers and criminals.

The Thompson was also known informally as: the "TSMG", the "Tommy Gun", the "Trench Broom", the "Trench Sweeper", the "Chicago Piano", the "Chicago Typewriter" and the "Chopper". In the case of the latter few nicknames, these where generally used to refer to the 1928 Chicago variant. Well used on the Silver screen, the Chicago typewriter was a later variant and used with the distinctive drum magazine and ribbed barrel in most media.

This King Arms model makes use of a version 6 style gearbox, a tried and trusted system for many years now which means it works well as is but also has the potential for upgrades. The hop-up is adjustable via the dial just short of the barrel from the outside, it is permanently exposed so the bolt does not need to be pulled back to access it.

As the 1928 model, it has the bolt pull in the technically incorrect place on the right (the real one has the bolt pull on the top) but this is due to the use of the same receiver as the base M1A1 model AEG. The handguard is the vertical grip wooden type and the stock and pistol grip are also wood whilst the receiver and barrel are Aluminium. The fire selector and safety are two different toggle switches right next to each other and the magazine release is located on the left of the pistol grip making use of an early form extended release catch.

The battery storage compartment is located in the solid stock, accessible through a rear hatch it is designed to take a large type NiCad battery. The hatch is really designed to be able to connect / disconnect the battery easily, the buttplate is removable to make battery installation easier.

The drum type magazine is a 450 round high capacity type making it appropriate as a short range sweeping weapon. The magazine is steel giving it a nice feel and heft besides being fairly hard wearing. The magazine has the same slotted style attachment as the real steal making the otherwise shallow attachment very secure.

The drum magazine winds up with a cog on the front rather then the normal gear on the bottom making it much easier to wind up besides also adding a rotary panel similar (but not identical) to the real steel. The King Arms strait box and drum magazines are interchangeable with both being compatible on this weapon. The drums spring is large and generous making a full wind up capable of emptying more then half of the magazine without having to wind again; this really is a sweeping weapon.

This AEG has great build quality and good performance making it a very decent SMG AEG in its own right besides also being a charming replica of a period piece for themed games especially in combination with a pinstripe suit and fedora hat. Extra respect for carrying it around in a violin case.