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LCT STK-74 AEG (New Version)

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Product Code: LCT-AEG-STK74
Weight: 3,850 g
Length: 920 mm
Capacity: 100 rds
Power: 410 fps (1.54 Joules)
Battery Size: 7.4v with Small Tamiya
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
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Unit Price: USD$389.99

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When it comes to replicating AKs into the Airsoft form, LCT are one of the best in the business. One thing I should get out of the way is that the receiver is a centimeter than it should be, where the receiver meets the stock, as it has to make space for the actual gearbox, but a lot of AK AEGs are like that even the E&L or TM.

One thing you have to take into account is that when it comes to real AKs. None of them look pristine or clean once it is out of the factory. It's actually the opposite. It's got grit, scratches, oil, bumps and bruises and that's what AKs are all about. Not a real AK... But it's made out of real steel which brings us back to the good old days.

The Soviet Army started the development of its own small-caliber ammunitions in the early 1960s almost the same time as the US started developing their 5.56x45 cartridge, and later in 1974 the USSR finally adopted the AK-74 as their next service rifle. And now LCT have brought us a newer upgrade of the AK-74M, with a railed handguard and a STKBR style stock that is both foldable and collapsible with 5 positions.

Most parts are made out of steel but others are made out of aluminium, making it feel like they're covered in oil and varnish just like the real steel version. This STK-74 is an example of that. It's made out of mostly steel where it should be, have a more modernized railed handguard and a STKBR style buttstock at just a fraction of the price of the real one

Featuring the latest V3 gearbox from LCT, you know it will be reliable and upgrade parts would be available everywhere. Also on the receiver is the typical AK side optic rail, which will fit a huge variety of real AK scopes on the gun without much hassle.

Content of the box:
Gun x1
100 round 5.45 style AK magazine