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PRODUCT DETAILS Rock ZB26 Steel AEG Machine Gun (Limited Edition)

Rock ZB26 Steel AEG Machine Gun (Limited Edition)

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Product Code: Rock-ZB26
Weight: 5,450 g
Length: 1,170 mm
Capacity: 160 rds
Power: 300 fps (0.83 Joules)
Motor: Custom
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode:
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Special limited edition steel ZB26 by ROCK / VIVA ARMS - only 250 pieces were ever made and none will be made again. This version by ROCK / VIVA ARMS is the most realistic ZB26 on the market for collectors who want the rawness and realism of this famous rifle.

The real ZB26 is a gas operated, air-cooled, selectively fired, light machine gun. It has a finned, quick-detachable barrel and fires from an open bolt. The action of the gun is powered by a long-stroke gas piston, located below the barrel. The gas block is mounted at the muzzle end of the barreland also serves as the front sight base. The action is locked by tipping the rear of the bolt (breechblock) upwards, and into a locking recess in the receiver. The return spring is located in the butt of the weapon, and is connected to the bolt carrier / gas piston via a longrod; additionally, there is a short spring buffer located around the return spring at the juncture of the receiver and butt, which softens the impact of the bolt group at the end of its rearward stroke. The charging handle is located at the right side of receiver and does not reciprocate when the gun is fired.

Development of the ZB-26 began in 1923 after the Czechoslovak Brno arms factory was built. Designer V?clav Holek was charged by the Czechoslovak army with producing a new light machine gun. He was assisted by his brother Emmanuel, as well as two expatriate Poles: Marek and Podrabsky. Holek was a genius as a firearms designer; he quickly began work on a prototype and within a year the quartet had created an automatic light machine gun that was later known as the ZB. The Czechoslovak army quickly adopted the ZB as the vz. 26, and many other countries later adopted the ZB or similar designs.

This is the airsoft AEG version of ZB26, which was designed by VIVA ARMS, manufactured by ROCK and tuned by RedWolf. Some key parts were also manufactured in collaboration with G&P, making this gun a joint project between several quality manufacturers. The gun is made with real wood for the grips, a steel barrel & bipod, aluminum receiver. The quick-detach barrel comes off easily by pulling down on a lever, although there is no real need to do this in airsoft since you won't be melting your barrels down anytime soon! The surface finishing of the gun is also intentionally fabricated to replicate the real ZB26's rugged finishing.

The ZB26's fully adjustable sight is replicated faithfully here with it's unique offset design to get around the vertically mounted magazine.

The battery is fitted inside the rear stock of the gun, and can be powered by 7.2v or 11.1v Lipo, or more traditional NiMH batteries.

This ZB26 comes with 3 x 160 round magazines. Additional magazines are sold separately.

Once these are sold out, they'll be gone forever. ROCK has confirmed these are the last ones.

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