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Hephaestus x GHK AMD-65 GBB

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Product Code: HE-GHK-AMD65
Weight: 3,255 g
Length: 850 mm
Capacity: 50 rds
Power: 375 fps (1.29 Joules)
Power Source: Green Gas / Top Gas
Blowback: YES
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
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Unit Price: USD$589.99

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Th AMD-65 also known as the Automata Modositott Deszant is a Hungarian-manufactured licensed variant of the venerable AKM rifle for use by that nation's armored infantry and paratrooper units. The rifle's design is suited for outdoor use as an infantry rifle but can also be used from within the confines of an armored vehicle as a fire support weapon. This is possible due to the side-folding wire stock design that makes it more compact. The operating mechanism is similar to a standard AK, but does use a specially designed muzzle brake that allows better gas expansion in compensate to the shorter barrel.

Hephaestus are known for their high quality weapons which performs exceptionally well straight out the box. The Hephaestus x GHK AMD-65 GBB is no exception, which features GHK internals making it extremely gas efficient and satisfying to shoot. The Hephaestus version differs to other versions in the market which features:

  • Correct AMD-65 stamped markings :
    1. Hungarian fire selector marking (Infinity mark for automatic / 1 for semi-automatic)
    2. Hungarian 'A' Rear sight mark
    3. Correct serial markings ('EA XXXX')

  • Custom shortened barrel, with minimal recess between the gas block and front sight
  • Butter smooth side folding stock
  • Full steel components, including a custom cut gas tube that is true to the real one

    It shoots at a steady 410 FPS which is also extremely accurate, perfect for outdoor games. The AMD-65 comes with a standard green gas 40 round GHK AKM magazine, but is also compatible with the other GHK GBB AK magazines, including their Co2 magazines. Also let's not forget about that foregrip which is comfortable to hold and the folding stock, making it a joy to shoot while remaining extremely compact.

    Items included:
  • 1x Hephaestus x GHK AMD-65 GBB
  • 1x GHK 40 Round AKM GBB Magazine

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