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PRODUCT DETAILS PTS Masada GBBR - Dark Earth (Clearance)

PTS Masada GBBR - Dark Earth (Clearance)

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Product Code: PT612680313
Weight: 3,465 g
Length: 815 mm
Capacity: 38 rds
Power: 360 fps (1.19 Joules)
Power Source: Green Gas / Top Gas
Blowback: YES
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
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Unit Price: USD$420.00

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The PTS Masada has been an old favourite amongst the players in the Airsoft and one would have always wondered if there was ever going to be a Gas Blow Back version ever since they released the Mega Arms MKM a year back. They've flirted with the idea for a year and now we can finally welcome the PTS Masada GBBR to the world.

The materials haven't changed much in comparison to its AEG counterpart but the polymer used on the body is must stronger than before which makes sense as it has to withstand the kick of the black back. The rest is metal with gives the Masada a nice heft without it feeling too heavy. It may be a basic Masada with a 14.5" outer barrel but the internals have been changed to make room for a reliable GBBR system.

Inside is a system 7-2 hop up unit with a short stroke internal as it does not have a buffer tube. This means that the bolt is shorter than a standard M4 bolt. It uses the Mega Arms trigger unit with some minor adjustments to make it heavier, in turn, forcing the user to pull the trigger with a little more pressure which is better for trigger control. The fire selector may be a little stiff but it will need time to ware in.

Each Masada will come with PTS's new 38rnd EPM magazine which does look different to the AEG version and much more reliable than the previous KWA gas magazine. The magic only happens once you wrack the charging handle and pull the trigger. Due to it's polymer body, it feels much like a G5 with a slightly harder kick and shoots as reliably as the MKM.