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PRODUCT DETAILS Tanaka Browning Hi-Power M1935 Vigilante (Heavy Weight)

Tanaka Browning Hi-Power M1935 Vigilante (Heavy Weight)

Product Brand:

Tanaka Works

Product Code: TNK-4537212007290
Weight: 806 g
Length: 195 mm
Capacity: 20 rds
Power: 230 fps (0.49 Joules)
Power Source:
Blowback: YES
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto
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Unit Price: USD$211.99

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Designed by John Browning before his death in 1926 and was completed by FN Herstal and was produced from 1935 till today. Used widely amongst various armed forces, the Hi-power is a 13 -round double stack single action pistol that revolutionized pistol designs with features way ahead of its time. It was also most notable with its service within the SAS with its later model, the Browning Hi-Power MKIII.

The Browning Hi-power although having a few minor issues, such as being too heavy, too complicated for manufacturing, the annoying magazine disconnect and hammer bites from the hammer due to the lack of a beaver tail, but the gun does perform overwhelmingly well in the field and holds double the amount of ammunition in the magazine when compared to the M1911 (13 vs 7), also having a button type magazine release means quicker reloads and can be operated one-handedly when compared with the European style heel releases.

The Vigilante Model is a bit of the Unicorn in the line of the Hi-Power series as it is a short run model based on the Standard model but lacks history background on why it is called the Vigilante, alongside with the Captain model of the same period. But what we know is that the Vigilante model has fixed sights, a ring hammer and comes with checkered wood grips.

Tanaka replicated the Hi-Power M1935 Vigilante the best they could with all the right markings, the right features and the faux wood checkered grips, they also replicated the magazine disconnect from the real one so the gun could not be fired if the magazine has been removed. While being mainly made out of Heavy Weight (HW) plastic, it looks and feels better than just plastic as there is metal powder mixed into the plastic when they are molded. Hop up is also adjustable on this model and could be found under the barrel when the slide has been removed, adjustable through a small hex key that comes with the gun. Magazine of the gun is also a little more capacity than the real one holding 20 rounds of BBs in it.

Please only use HFC134A gas with this pistol or you might risk breaking it.