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PRODUCT DETAILS Umarex H&K USP.45 Tactical Metal Slide GBB Pistol (by KWA)

Umarex H&K USP.45 Tactical Metal Slide GBB Pistol (by KWA)

Product Brand:


Product Code: KWA-45T
Weight: 569 g
Length: 215 mm
Capacity: 24 rds
Power: 300 fps (0.83 Joules)
Power Source: Green Gas / Top Gas
Blowback: YES
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto
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Unit Price: USD$169.99

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The H&K USP Tactical is a pistol with a timeless look that has aged incredibly gracefully over the years.  The pistol sports a design that is very much in line with the current design language seen throughout different pistols and it is still highly praised as one of the best pistols available! 

The KWA version is a fully licensed product and faithfully replicates the USP Tactical.  The gun features a strong and satisfying recoil impulse and blacked-out front and rear sights that are suppressor height ensuring seamless use upon mounting various silencers or suppressors.  The operation of the pistol is straightforward and each control surface is large enough for a good purchase even while wearing gloves.  Ergonomically the pistol sits well in the hand and will feel very comfortable in a wide variety of hand sizes! 

Internally the USP Tactical uses the KWA gas system in which you can adjust its hop-up with a tool, making adjustment easy, not needing the separation of the slide and frame.  The pistol comes with a 24 round magazine that is green gas compatible. 

Do note that the accessory rail is proprietary and an adaptor is needed for the mounting of different lights and lasers. 

Magazine Compatibility: 

  • Umarex / KWA H&K USP / USP Tactical GBB Pistol Magazine


  • x1 Umarex H&K USP.45 Tactical Metal Slide GBB Pistol (by KWA)
  • x1 Magazine 
  • x2 Tools 

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