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The following is a list of external links to other websites which RedWolf Airsoft believes would be of interest to airsoft enthusiasts. Please note that we are not responsible for the accuracy of information, content and validity of links which are external to this site.

Airsoft Information Portals

  • Hyper Douraku
    Japan Airsoft Blog that consists of the latest Reviews& Blog Posts about airsoft.
  • Arnie's Airsoft UK
    An excellent site providing English information on airsoft to the British enthusiasts! One of RedWolf's all time favorites!
  • Airsoft Pacific Strike Team
    APST is an all-adult mil-sim team based in Oregon & the Pacific Northwest (USA) - with members in the Salem and Portland areas. Excellent site!
  • Airsoft Denmark
    Denmarks biggest online community. They focus on guides, reviews, gameplay videos and advertising events. Everything is published in English.
    A French information portal for all things airsoft
  • Airsoft i Sverige
    A Swedish language website that covers airsoft in Sweden.
  • Airsoft Project (France)
    A popular french language portal used by French and Belgian players.
  • Defcon Airsoft
    An airsoft informational portal located in the UK.
  • Das Spiel Airsoft (Austria)
    An airsoft information website based in Austria. Information on games and events.
  • [NL]
    The European information and promotion portal for airsoft.
  • Red Army Airsoft
    RAA - Airsoft in Russia. Large VK society, Youtube channel and website. Everyday we post interesting airsoft related news and materials

Airsoft Teams

  • Nemesis Milsim (US)
    Nemesis Milsim is a National level airsoft team and local event host on the state line of IL/Wi. The team was formed from two local teams with the same ambition and dedication to be the best players in our area and help grow the sport as a whole.
  • Airsoft Harstad (Norway)
    A great airsoft club site in Norway with a great download feature for some wallpaper.
  • Trap 67
    A large French airsoft team with a content-rich website. A french forum too!
  • Softair of Fortune (France)
    Two year old team located in France

Manufacturer Sites

  • KSC Corporation
    KSC Corporation manufacturers high quality gas blowback and non-blowback weapons. Their most famous line-up include the Glock series, the TMP, 93R and the M11.
  • King Arms
    Manufacturer of many accessories.
  • Tokyo Marui
    The premier manufacturer of AEGs, Tokyo Marui's site is in Japanese but sports some pretty impressive pictures of existing and new products.
  • Western Arms Corporation
    Western Arms, WA, is reknowned for premium gas blowback airsoft guns. Highly realistic and refined, WA pistols set the benchmark in airsoft.
  • GHK Airsoft
    GHK is established in Zhongli, northern Taiwan in 2008; and move to Longtan industrial zone in 2014. As a pinoeer of AK GBB manufacturer, our main insistance is to produce high quality GBBR (Gas Blow Back Rifle). In response to user's expectation, it is our duty to design excellent toy gun to market. This is not only a promise, but a principle that we always keep in mind.
  • Vega Force Company
    Vega Force Company was founded in 2004, worldwide reputed by its professional on making highly realistic Airsoft replica with custom grade performance of internal mechanical design, which makes end users have better shooting and operating experience. What more than that is every VFC Airsoft products are in the standard of collection grade with strong and nice surface finishing. ?Collectors wanted and operators wanted? is the motto for VFC?s products.

Partner Sites

  • RWA Group
    A sister company of RedWolf Airsoft, RWA is a premium manufacturer of licensed airsoft products and an international B2B distributor of many desired brands. Specializing only in premium grade products that experienced customers are after, RWA works with many retail outlets internationally through our various offices located in Hong Kong, UK, France, Russia, and the USA. We serve regional customers through these offices with our international sales team. Founded in 2004, RWA currently supplies thousands of shops with daily supplies of both popular and unique / exotic products. Our wide sourcing network and our great prices means our customers can stock their stores with the latest products that differentiates them from the crowd. We can also supply all kinds of hard-to-find parts for servicing and repairs.

Airsoft Related Forums

    Made by our dear japanese customer from Tokyo. Lots of airsoft news inside.

Airsoft Forum

  • US Pratical Shooting Association (IPSC)
    The official US site for International Practical Shooting (IPSC) with rules and events listed. Airsoft IPSC is huge globally and this site offers great information on how to carry over IPSC into airsoft for you locally!
  • /r/airsoft - Reddit
    Reddit's Airsofting Community