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PRODUCT DETAILS GHK M4 CO2 Magazine (Version 2) for all GHK, G&P & WA Gas Blowback Rifles

GHK M4 CO2 Magazine (Version 2) for all GHK, G&P & WA Gas Blowback Rifles

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Want to use CO2 in your GHK rifle instead of green gas?  CO2 produces a stronger kick and is more readily available everywhere in the world, so this magazine gives you greater convenience in finding cartridges.  From our own internal tests, this CO2 magazine delivers a bit stronger recoil as compared with the standard green gas magazine that comes with most GHK rifles.  The cool-down effect is also not as apparent and this CO2 magazine is a better option when playing in cold weather.  Having both green gas and CO2 magazines for your GHK unlocks greater flexibility: Green gas for summer and CO2 for winter!

This magazine also works with other gas blowback rifles using the older WA system gas blowback system.   In other words, this magazine is compatible with all GHK gas blowback rifles, as well as WA system compliant gas blowback rifles (for example, from G&P).

However, it will not fit an Inokatsu or Viper Tech GBBR, since those systems are slightly modified version of the WA system.

Disclaimer: All aftermarket upgrade parts require necessary skill or modification to install and assemble, please consult with your airsoft technician if needed.

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