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Madbull BB shower series (2005-04-12)

Madbull BB Authentic BB Shower Lineup comes in exactly the same styles and colors as the real grenade shells! US designed and patented valve system is much more durable and reliable than shells made by other manufacturers.

The full line of shells includes various models from the real world. Apart from 6mm BB versions, Madbull also offers a 42 round version M781 that shoots those massive 8mm BBs! For mil-sim enthusiasts, the rubber headed M576 fires a warhead instead of BBs onto your opponents from 80 feet away! Spare rubber warheads are available in case you lose a couple of them during the heat of battle. Refined design means that there is no more "sticky-valve" problem and recharges are quick and sure with no leaks. These shells can safely take HFC134a, TOP gas, Green Gas, Red Gas, or even CO2 gas for immense power! Beautiful anodized finishing means these shells look very attractive. Pick one up now and see for yourself!

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