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The Airsoft Surgeon - Clarence Lai (2006-11-23)

Who is Airsoft Surgeon?

Clarence Lai has become a most prominent figure in Airsoft. His work as an Airsoft gunsmith and with the IPSC has helped him to gain recognition and respect the World over. From the resplendent beauty of his one-off pistols, to his active work in promoting the IPSC in Asia, his work within the Airsoft community is highly admirable. Not only has Clarence assembled custom guns for some of the most notable race shooters around the world (including the owner of Infinity Pistols), he has also provided many of his creations for use in films.

It all started when at the age of 7, Clarence first started playing with guns, and from this, a passion for all things gun-related was born. His intrigue in the workings of the gun as well aesthetics naturally led him towards becoming a gunsmith, and is also partial to participating in shooting competitions such as the IPSC (Clarence was the first foreigner to take part in the IPSC Japan competition), which took him to countries such as Taiwan and the Philippines, using both Airsoft and real guns. In fact, CL was responsible for helping to bring the IPSC to Hong Kong and still plays an active role in promoting the IPSC in Hong Kong.

Now, Clarence has almost two decades of experience as an Airsoft gunsmith, and produces an array of custom guns and upgrade parts under his own brands - Airsoft Surgeon/CL Custom. After co-founding a well-known Airsoft shop in Hong Kong, he moved on and went independent, from this Airsoft Surgeon/CL Custom was conceived. Clarence continues to play an active role in the airsoft IPSC shooting community, as well as in the real steel shooting competitions.

Two of Clarence's upcoming Custom guns: the USP .45... ...and the Colt Anaconda.

If you've ever seen, touched or even owned one of CL's custom guns, you will be familiar with the craftsmanship that goes into his work. His pieces are built with passion and stand out from the crowd of mass-produced airsoft guns. They are like works of art, using hand-crafted parts and hand built by CL himself. From IPSC competition parts, down to the intricate details such as the fish-scale slide, he fabricates the parts from scratch, building the gun up from scratch, CNC-machining parts like the slide from a solid block of aluminum/steel. There is a certain adroitness and adeptness in his work that really has to be seen to be appreciated. CL does simple upgrades, up to completely bespoke, tailor-made guns to the specification and requirements of an individual customer.

Clarence Lai has recently released a load of tasty-looking custom guns, exclusively at Redwolf Airsoft. Click on the categories below to see the guns from CL:

Airsoft Surgeon Gas Blowback Pistols & SMGs Airsoft Surgeon Shotguns Airsoft Surgeon AEG CL Custom GBB guns Airsoft Surgeon Sniper Rifles Airsoft Surgeon Shotgun Shells

Clarence also does a number of upgrades for GBB pistols, AEGs, shotguns and rifles for Redwolf customers. Take a look at a list of some of the upgrades he does, he has just recently created two NEW upgrade options for the Tanaka M870 - there is a Upgrade service to raise the performance to 450fps and also a shell upgrade service to make the shells shoot 380fps with a standard gun.

NEW! Airsoft Surgeon-modified Shells for Tanaka M870 (5rds)

NEW! Airsoft Surgeon 450fps Upgrade for Tanaka M870 Shotgun

Maruzen Shotguns

Maruzen M1100 Composite Stock 400fps CL Custom Upgrade Service

Maruzen M870 Composite Stock CL Custom Service

Marushin Classic Rifles

CL Marushin M1 Garand Tanker (8mm) 330fps upgrade

CL Marushin M1 Garand (8mm) 330fps upgrade

KSC Glocks

CL Power upgrade for G17 Rail Frame

CL Power upgrade for G18C

CL Power upgrade for G19

CL Power upgrade for G23F Rail Frame

CL Power upgrade for G26

CL Power upgrade for G26C (ABS Version)

CL Power upgrade for G34 (ABS Version)


CL 380 Upgrade for MK23 Socom Pistol Prototype (Phase II)

CL 380 Upgrade for Socom Pistol Hard Kick 05 Type

Tanaka M700  

Tanaka M700 A.I.C.S.(TAN)

Tanaka M700 A.I.C.S.(Black)

Tanaka M700 A.I.C.S.(OD)

Tanaka M700 Police LTR ( Wood Stock )

Tanaka M700 Take Down Model

Take a look at some of the Airsoft parts available exclusively at Redwolf Airsoft.

Airsoft Surgeon Springfor AEG- available for Stage 1-6
Airsoft Surgeon Steel HammerSet for Marui Hi-Capa 4.3 / 5.1 (8 types available)
Airsoft Surgeon Power-Up Floating Valve for All KSC & KWA Glock Series
Airsoft Surgeon High Power 380 Custom Full Kit for KSC MK23
Airsoft Surgeon Super Recoil Spring for All WA & KSC 1911 (special for metal slide)

What is IPSC?
IPSC is an internationally recognized timed race shooting competition. It tests accuracy and speed, and presents shooters with various "obstacle courses" which they need to complete in the shortest amount of time. We have put the exciting IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) promotion video in, you can simply click the movie below to watch the awesome video.