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10% Discount for UK Customers -ENDED 23rd September (2007-08-31)

The Summer is cooling down, but we are turning the heat up on our UK discount - we are raising the discount from 5% to 10%, and all customers based in the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland) will benefit from this deal.

October the 1st is looming, when UK airsofters will be burdened with the VCRA, so we would like UK gamers to keep the sport well and truly alive by adding this little extra incentive for you. This discount ends on the 23rd September, so get your skates on!

To benefit from this discount is easy; all you need to have is a UK delivery address. Checkout as you would normally and our system will discount 10% off your WHOLE order (excluding shipping).

N.B. 10% applies to orders made from 6th - 23rd September. Orders made before or after these dates can not be retro-discounted. ENDED 23rd September