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Introducing: Redwolf Value Packages! (2009-08-01)

Our Redwolf Value Packages offer you an easy and convenient way to getting kitted-up and ready for action!

Choose Your Value Package!

The AEG Value Packages include:

  • 1x AEG
  • 1x Battery
  • 1x EU Charger (US customers will need an adaptor)
  • 1x Bag of Tokyo Marui .25g BBs (2000rds)
  • 2x Slings (1x factory standard sling, 1x Pantac/G&P sling)
  • 2x Magazines (1x factory original mag, 1x Tokyo Marui/Deep Fire mag)

    The GBB Value Packages include:

  • 1x AGM gun
  • 1x Bag of Tokyo Marui .25g BBs (2000rds)
  • 1x High-quality Pantac sling
  • 2x Magazines (both AGM 50rds magazines)