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APS CAM870 Magnum (2014-05-05)

Realism is the name of the game with APS's CAM870 Magnum. Not only does it feature full metal construction with real wood furniture, similar to the real thing, but the shell ejecting system allows real operation techniques to be applied to this airsoft shotgun.

Pushing realism to the edge, the APS CAM870 Magnum?s shells utilize the same concepts found in a real shotgun shell. The use of a shot cup to provide a seal and carry the projectiles to target, and the use of an activation pin striking the rear of the shell to activate the propellant (of which is compressed CO2).

Smooth pump action and reliable function make this not only a collector's gun, but with the addition of an included shell catcher, quite skirmishable in CQB/room clearing skirmish and training maneuvers.