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Tokyo Marui H&K G36C
  • Manufacturer 
     Tokyo Marui
  • Model 
     H&K G36C
  • Capacity 
  • Weight 
  • Power 
  • Motor 
  • Hop-up 
  • Battery 
  • Shooting Mode 
     Semi, Full Auto
  • Construction 
     ABS Plastic Body, Metal Barrel


- Excellent weight distribution
- Super build quality and great looks
- Good performance and upgrade potential
- Large aftermarket of accessories


- 8.4v 600mah battery drains quickly powering EG1000 motor
- Lack of rear ambidextrous sling mount
- Rear sight adjustments a pain
- Plastic cocking lever


One of the best AEG offerings from Marui with excellent build quality and performance. Great fresh look compared to traditional rifles gaining popularity in the movies! Well balanced and versatile for both CQB and long range shooting. Growing aftermarket parts a big plus. The most popular rifle since the M4 for a reason!


For those who Don't Compromise, Heckler & Koch rang its own bell again against this long standing slogan with the release of the G36 series rifle. Reknowned for creating the best special purpose weapons in the world of hostage rescue, high risk police missions, and military operations, H&K has released time-proven masterpieces like the MP5 and G3 series - with over 120 derivations for all kinds of use.

The G36 assault rifle was born as the HK-50 project in the early 1990s. It was adopted in 1999 by Bundeswehr (German Army) as its standard service rifle, and in 1999 it was also adopted by Spain. British police, the newly formed NATO Rapid Reaction Force, and American law enforcement agencies also use the G36.

The G36 is a true modular weapon system in caliber 5.56x45mm NATO (.223 Remington). Constructed almost entirely of a tough, carbon fiber reinforced polymer material and using a simple, self-regulating gas system, the G36 provides the user with a lightweight weapon that delivers high performance with extremely low maintenance. The barrel of the G36 can be interchanged to create a rifle, carbine, or light support variant using the same common receiver - depending on mission requirements.

The overall design is a clear departure from all previous assault rifles designed by H&K. Early H&K rifles were delayed blowback designs, but the G36 is gas operated weapon with a rotating bolt locking into the barrel extension. The receiver is made from plastic with steel reinforcements and the trigger unit assembly is contained inside the plasticpistol grip. The trigger group options include a 3-burst mode but this is not found on the G36C. The polymer hand-guard, trigger unit and magazine port are connected to the receiver by easy to access retainer pins, so gun is easily field-stripped without any tools other than single bullet cartridge or other means to displace the pins. The G36C has recently garnered lots of attention in the movies - making high profile showings in movies like Bad Boys II (Will Smith brandishes one in one of the final shootout scenes) and other action movies. And why not? The G36C is one good looking SMG that we're sure will show up in more and more movies to come! In the world of Airsoft, the G36 is rendered by Tokyo Marui in the form of the CQB version - the G36C. Our partner The Q Project actually had conceived a working model a year earlier but decided against mass producing the weapon after moving towards further research onto the M134 Vulcan project which has since then met with much success. As a new entrant into Tokyo Marui's SMG lineup, the G36 is actually shorter than the MP5 with its stock folded.

Small 600mah 8.4v battery fits in foregrip
Hop-up adjuster inside breech cover
Heavy fire-power with C-MAG magazine

The Tokyo Marui G36C is a very balanced rifle, and this is proven by the fact that the gun can stand up on its magazine which indicates a good balance between the front and rear of the gun. Construction is from high quality plastic as is typical from Marui with very uniform and matte finishing that does not give away the plastic nature of the gun. Seam lines are very tight and straight, and authentic weld marks can be seen at the right places - just as found on the real steel G36. Surface finishing is different for all components of the gun, with a textured grainy finish on the fore-grip, a slightly shinier and metallic finish on the magazine housing assembly, trigger assembly and pistol grip. The upper carrying handle is formulated from a composite style textured plastic that is extremely solid and rigid and the space frame plastic stock lends extremely solid support. A metal 20mm scope rail runs across the length of the top, with a haloed front post sight and adjustable rear pinhole sight. The rear sight is a bit of a pain to adjust without the presence of knobs - you need to use a hex-wrench to make windage adjustments, which makes on-the-field fine tuning difficult. There are two pinhole sizes for aiming that the user can select by toggling the sight. The folding rear stock is made from solid ABS plastic, which we found could withstand hard knocks and stayed intact even when the gun was dropped from 5 feet and landed on the stock! A rubberized pad rounds out the rear of the stock for comfort. Folding the stock is easy with a push of a metal button - the stock folds sideways onto the right side of the gun, and is locked in place by a plastic locking piece protruding from the receiver (just behind the breech). The folded stock does not interfere with the operation of the gun, although it does cover up the selector switch for left handed operators.

The front foregrip is constructed from durable plastic and houses a lower RIS rail for attachment of lighting and laser accessories. You can even attach a bipod instead if so desired. There are also mounting holes for two side accessory rails, which are sold separately - at the time of this writing, different sized rails are available from Tokyo Marui, Guarder, and FIRST. The small 8.4v 600mah battery is stored within the front grip. Removing the grip for storage is simple by pushing out a metal retainer pin located just below the front sight. The stock then hinges forward and comes away from the gun. Power hungry Airsofters will note that this stock can be modified extensively to house a much larger capacity 9.6v battery to power upgrades - RedWolf offers this option as part of an optional upgrade plan when you purchase the G36C.

Fake laser-unit is one way of carrying a larger battery externally
Nice authentic markings on receiver
Dragon Arms G36KE kit has longer foregrip and barrel, with integrated sights into carrying handle

A four pronged metal flash hider graces the barrel, and stealth operators can choose to screw a silencer onto the 14mm counter-clockwise threaded barrel. The most beautiful part of the gun is the magazine - designed in translucent plastic housing many dummy rounds that look very real! If you look closely inside, you will even see a fake compressed spring holding up the dummy round! The G36C's magazines are also smartly designed to be self-interlocking - locking mechanisms are built in to the side of the magazines so that they can be put together without the need for a magazine clamp! The standard 50 round magazine is easily removed by pushing on the plastic magazine release button just forward of the trigger guard.

The metal ambidextrous selector switch is a bit shorter than that on the standard MP5 series. It is also aligned differently and actually is easy to operate, with shorter travel. The switch is very sturdy and tactile, offering distinct clicks as you push it through the various modes of SAFE, Semi, or Full Auto fire. The gun is also smartly designed with ambidextrous sling mounts on the foregrip, a rear sling mount on the rear part of the receiver, and another mount hole on the rear of the stock.

So having said all this, how does the gun feel and perform? The entire gun is a joy to hold with no shakes or rattles, thanks to its compact size and excellent fit and finish. Authentic engravings grace the receiver and magazine. The entire gun is quite heavy and selected metal parts that add to the realism include scope rail, front and rear sights, selector switch, trigger, lower RIS rail, removable flash hider, and stock locking button. Powered by an EG1000 motor, the G36C has a very high rate of fire at over 13 rounds per second. Standard power is 275fps out of the box, but upgradeable to 400fps by way of our Level 3 upgrade (which allows you to store a modified 9.6v 1500mah battery inside the stock). If you are really power-hungry, our Level IV upgrade will pump up the heat to 440fps but would require carrying a 9.6v 3300mah battery externally.

Our field tests of the G36C demonstrated a high level of reliability. Adjusting the hop-up mechanism allowed us to reach a maximum effective range of approximately 130 feet, with a maximum travel range of about 150 feet. The hop-up dial adjuster can be accessed by pulling back on the cocking lever located on the spine of the gun. This in turn opens up the breech cover to reveal the hop-up adjuster. In fact, Marui did a nice job fitting this piece with enough metal parts internally to produce a melodic "clang" when the lever is pulled back and released. Accuracy is on par with any AEG at +/- 5cm at 15 feet, though this can be tuned to greater precision with the installation of a longer precision barrel.

For reference, we also field tested our RedWolf Custom G36 rifle, which was fitted with a real G36 fibre fore-grip housing a much longer barrel. Upgraded to Level III 400fps of power, our test gun was getting +/- 2 cm of accuracy at 15 feet, with maximum effective kill range of about 170 feet, and a maximum travel distance of 200 feet. These numbers say much about the power upgrade potential of the G36's gearbox.

At the time of this writing, many accessories for the G36C are available. To simply see what is on offer, use our SEARCH function on top of our webpage to look for "G36" related parts. Just to give the reader some ideas, these include Tokyo Marui's 470 round high capacity magazine, or Mosquito Molds- 3000 round box magazine! For supporting high power upgrades, Laylax produces an extra large foregrip that can house a full size 7 cell 8.4v battery.

Realistic magazines are designed to clip together without a clamp
Stock folds over to make the G36C very compact
Foregrip rails allow attachment of many accessories like flashlights and grips

For a more visually appealing look, Dragon Arms offers a full G36KE kit that offers a longer foregrip and metal outer barrel, and a large carrying handle with built-in 3X red-dot scope (a version without the built-in scope is also available). If you want to just get the carrying handle with built-in scope without the foregrip and barrel, then you could choose the offering from G&P which offers only just that at a fraction of the price. G&G offers a full RAS kit that supplies enough accessory rails to attach anything you can possibly think of. And for fans of the larger G36 rifle, G&P offers a full length 6-hole foregrip with integrated folding bipod (as seen used on the G36 used by the German military). Finally, for those who adjust the hop-up frequently - consider opting to a metal cocking lever instead of the stock plastic one, which can break after repeated hard pulls.

Overall, the Tokyo Marui G36C is an excellent all-round AEG with great modification potential. Aftermarket suppliers have continued to roll-out new accessories for the G36C, which should keep this gun fresh and exciting for a long time to come!

Foregrip has holes for attaching aftermarket RIS rails from Guarder and FIRST factory
Adjusting rear metal sight requires tools
Lower accessory rail comes standard on gun - notice ambidextrous sling mounts