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Socom Gear MEU(SOC) 1911
  • Manufacturer 
     Socom Gear
  • Model 
     MEU(SOC) 1911
  • Capacity 
  • Weight 
  • Power 
  • Power Source 
     Propane / Green gas
  • Blowback 
  • Hop-up 
  • Shooting Mode 
  • Construction 


Full trades
Realistic stamped markings
Pachmayr style grips
Good paint job
Good and consistent performance
Easy to source replacement/upgrade parts
Good value for your money
Consistent FPS
Green gas compatible
Free matching lanyard


Paint on outer barrel is prone to wearing down
Hop adjustment - only when partially disassembled
Lack of replacement slide/frame in the same color
Threads on outer barrel prone to dirt accumulation (lack of thread protector)


The Socom Gear MEU pistol is a highly ergonomic and high performing pistol with a variety of features allowing the gun to be used during when the conditions are unfavorable.

Great looking pistol, realistic markings, reliable performance as well as great value for your money spent!



The MEU(SOC) pistol, is an air-cooled, magazine-fed, recoil-operated, single-action, semiautomatic handgun chambered for the .45 ACP cartridge. It is based on the original M1911 design by John Browning, and has been the standard-issue side arm for the Force Recon Element of the United States Marine Corps' Marine Expeditionary Units from 1985 to today. The idea of the MEU(SOC) pistol originated back in the late 80's where USMC Colonel Robert Young laid out a series of specifications and improvements to make Browning's 1911 design ready for 21st century combat. Where many of these improvements can be seen on the MEU(SOC) pistol today.

The original pistols were hand-selected standard government issued Colt M1911A1s that were gutted, deburred, and prepared for additional use by the USMC Precision Weapon Section (PWS) in Quantico, VA. They were then assembled with after-market grip safeties, a rounded hammer, ambidextrous thumb safeties, lighter triggers made by Videcki, improved high-visibility sights, accurized match-grade barrels made by Bar-Sto, Pachmayr rubber grips, front cocking-serrations, and improved stainless steel magazines made by Wilson Combat.

Comes in a plain but a nice MEU labelled box
A fancy looking manual and frabric lined box giving a better presentation than the usual plain packing.
Pistol still carries all the features and functions the same as the familiar 1911 family

Initial impressions

As you open the box, you will notice it?s already a little more presentable than the average pistols you can buy off the shelves today. Not only is the foam padding lined with a nice black cloth to add a slightly different touch than the usual ?a few holes in a foam block? type job. It?s a MEU pistol, in tan. A MEU pistol is presentable as it is in any environment because of its design and what it stands for! The manual it comes with also gives you less of the airsoft feel and more of a real steel feel since it?s printed in a high quality glossy booklet as compared to the plain white, boring manual which isn?t at all appealing to read from the start. The manual continues to replicate some of the features of what you would expect from purchasing a real steel item complimenting a better packaging and presentation of this product from the moment you open the box.

Upon handling the gun, you will notice the weight and the feel of this pistol to be different than other pistols and even other 1911 pistols straight out of the box. Different in what ways? Well, the finish on this pistol is, without a doubt, superb. Socom Gear has given the finish on this pistol more attention as the paint is applied in a more liberal manner than usual. The markings on the slide and the frame are stamped the same way as they would on a real steel pistol would. What?s more is that there are 3 USMC insignias on this pistol. One stamped next to the ejection port and the other two are metallic insets on either side of the grip. The matt tan color also looks the part and does not make this pistol look like some cheap tacky knock-off which in turn, compliments the look of the whole gun. What?s metal should be metal on this pistol and only the essential parts on this pistol that are plastic such as the hop rubber and its adjusting mechanism, buffer pad on the recoil rod, blowback chamber and valve parts. With all these qualities in mind as well as the features of the gun from the real steel MEU pistol, this indeed will give anybody wanting a special 1911 to complete their loadout-impression a smile and a dream come true.

A metal USMC insignia is implanted inside the Pachmayr style grips
A classic Wilson Combat 1911 style is still subtly present
Realistic and good quality stamped markings on the slide


Some experienced shooters say confidence in your equipment affects your performance and the feel of this pistol will provide that. Firstly it weighs very similarly to the real MEU. By having a heavier gun than other lighter weight GBB pistols, the muzzle control will be better as the muzzle climb will be more manageable allowing quicker follow-up shots to be made. Furthermore, the rubberized pachmyr style grip offers you superior control of your gun when firing, enabling you to hit your targets just as well under adverse conditions. The gun can take green gas / propane straight out of the box without any modifications firing at 290-300fps. Very consistent considering that was the range of the fps variance when emptying a fully loaded magazine of 15rounds in about 20 seconds. Shooting this pistol is a whole lot of fun since you feel a quick snappy recoil accompanied by a nice crisp noise as it cycles. Having Novak style three dot iron sights, this is already offers great target acquisition. Also, the tan front sight also allows for an easier sight alignment as it provides a brighter silhouette between the rear sight notch as compared to a black front sight to align your sights when used in darker conditions.

An additional bonus to this pistol is that it comes with a threaded adapter for silencers or tracer units. Having a regular silencer or a tracer unit installed on the MEU pistol does not affect the performance or the cycling process of the slide at all. Although having a big silencer attached to the outer barrel may reduce the recoil effect due to the weight balance and thus slowing the slide down due to the change of the centre of gravity.
Furthermore, the railed frame will also allow you to mount more accessories onto your pistol such as a M6 module to make this pistol look even better than it already does. It is a shame that M6 is only available in black and not a matching tan color for the pistol.

Threaded adapter can be removed without the use of tools.
The 3 dot style iron sights provide quick target acquisitions.


The Socom Gear MEU pistol is a highly ergonomic and high performing pistol with a variety of features allowing the gun to be used during when the conditions are unfavorable. Not only does this pistol look nice with all the trademarks, insignia and other markings on it, being a practical gun that is also a looker almost making this pistol glow with its awesome aura.

The ability to source parts in the case that it needs to be replaced or upgraded, the Socom Gear MEU is compatible with most of the aftermarket TM style 1911 parts. This means that after parts wear down or if the user wishes to upgrade the pistol, there are a large variety of parts compatible with this pistol that are readily available.

At the price you pay for this pistol, this is definitely a bang for your buck pistol with a massive list of added features as well as being able to perform well with room for more awesomeness included.