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Airsoft and Movies

Automatic Electric Gun [AEG] Reviews
ICS M1 Garand; The Taste of WWII

See how ICS puts the taste of WWII into the first M1 Garand AEG on the market.
Deep Fire Samson Evolution Carbine Rainier Arms Deluxe Edition

Deep Fire has long been making solid internals, will their AEG be as solid as their past releases?
The last known bison of the Magpul PTS era

The Magpul PTS RM4 ERG is the crowning achievement of the Magpul PTS duo. Find out what makes their final AEG such an innovative piece.
Viva Arms M1919

See what makes the Viva Arms M1919 such an amazing piece; an in depth review, technical notes, observations, with a little historical context.
Deepfire M4 review

In this review we take a close look at the Deepfire M4 with the PTW style hop up unit. Does this new hop up perform practically as well as it does in theory?
Tokyo Marui AK102

GBB vs EBB? New EBB contender on the block, will this be the beginning to a new era of competition between gas and electric?
RWL Magpul x JP Rifles M4

The RWL AEG, plenty of reason you should get one. Read this review and find your reason!
Why is the SOCOM Gear M82 selling like Hot Cakes?!

Why are these selling so quick? Ever knew why not many carriers have these in stock? Maybe this review has the answer, read more to find out.
Systema Super Max Review

Check out our in-depth review of the Super Max to learn more about the gun that Law Enforcement guys use for training.
Ares Tavor Review

Check out our review of the highly anticipated Ares Tavor TAR21
Tokyo Marui AK74MN Review

Tokyo Marui has proclaimed this as the next generation of automatic electric guns. With a recoil engine and blowback, does this new AEG really herald a new age of airsoft? Read more to find out.
G&G GS-550

How close does the G&G GS-550 come to the gun it aspires to be? Read inside to find out!
Top-Tech Pneumatic Blowback MP5A5

Top-Tech has made an MP5A5 with it's patented pneumatic blowback system. Is it a worthy replica of the venerated MP5? Read on to find out.
VFC PDW Video Review

VFC a gun made without compromises? Read on to see if the VFC KAC PDW lives up to the company slogan
Tokyo Marui M4 SOPMOD

The Tokyo Marui M4 SOPMOD garnered a lot of interest at the recent Shot Show, especially amongst the Law Enforcement guys. Read more to see what is so special about this gun.
ECHO1 M134 Minigun by CAW

Perhaps the most intimidating firearm seen in any movie to date, the M134 Minigun is a legend on its own. Several airsoft versions have been manufactured before, so how does the new CAW/Echo1 M134 Minigun perform?
VFC AK-105

The VFC AK-105 features a stamped steel receiver and a one-piece outer barrel to make it sturdy, a good 330 fps out of the box and a working bolt carrier for realism when you shoot. Read more about this AEG in our review!
Top Tech M4 Carbine Blowback

An AEG M4 from Top Tech with a new kind of blowback system. Does it work and how does the mechanism work otherwise? Read our picture-heavy review to find out!
Pimp my Type 97B!

The superb RS Type 97B - Reviewed!

We are proud to present the very first online of the Systema PTW5-A4, which is not officially released just yet.
Tokyo Marui MAC-10 AEP vs. KWC Mini UZI GBB

Two submachine guns of similar size and looks, but very different internals! How does the new AEP compare to a GBB?

We uncover VFC's sexy new gun - the FN SCAR-L. Read it now!
Real Sword Type 56

Perhaps the most realistic Kalashnikov variant ever? Check out our video to find out!
Real Sword Type 97

The hottest thing that we have seen for a while? Take a look at our review to find out - we've got the full lowdown, with lots of gratuitous stripped shots and videos!!
SA Vz.61 Scorpion

Does the Tokyo Marui Vz61 Scorpion have a sting in it's tail? Take a look at our Review for the lowdown.

We take a look at the Systema PTW M733 MAX, a limited edition gun. This review covers all you may need to know about this gun (and more!) with detailed comments on how the gun operates and performs.
Classic Army SCAR-L (Mk 16 Mod 0)

A in-depth review of Classic Army's latest, and perhaps finest? Read further to find out!
Tokyo Marui HOWA Type 89 Rifle

Tokyo Marui HOWA Type 89 Rifle Review
Gas Blowback and Pistol Reviews
The GHK G5 - Get over here! An adaptable close range machine.

The GHK G5 may only look similar to a real life weapon, but its performance as a GBB PDW outmatches many others.
KJ Works M4 - Possibly the best performing GBB M4 out of the box?

With the KJ being one of the last GBB M4's to be released, what is special about it? Did KJ clone the other versions? How does it actually perform with this price tag?
Why is everyone talking about the SOCOM Gear NOVAK NeXt?

Following up with the MEU and the Wilson Combat series, Socom gear have released another unique piece of kit. This time the Novak neXt pistol, featuring all the fully licenced markings and authorized logos, what can go wrong with this?
Inokatsu M4A1 SOPMOD (2009th Edition)

So Inokatsu have re-released their revised version of the M4, so what's different about it? Read and find out!
WE SCAR review

Ever wanted to know what is so good about the WE SCAR? find out in this review here
KSC MP7 Review

The KSC MP7 has proved that there is a high demand for it. Why is everybody keen on this gun? Read on to find out more!
Tokyo Marui Five-seveN

Want to find out why this Tokyo Marui gun is proving to be such a big hit?
Marushin G21 - the coolest gun of the year?

This Marushin Glock 21 is proving to be a hit-seller. Read our review to see why.
KSC System 7 - What is it so special?

KSC have had their new System 7 out for a while now, but some have been scratching their heads wondering what all the fuss is about. Read on to find out what they have done with the System 7.
Inokatsu M4 GBB

Read our review of Inokatsu's gas blowback M4.
MAKING OF: RWC 1911 M.E.U. Pistol CNC Metal Version

We shed light on how we build custom GBB pistols again. Not a step-by-step guide, but you can pick up a useful hint or two here. The RWC 1911 M.E.U. Pistol is the best you can get!
Marushin Super Blackhawk (8mm)

Marushin makes four really beautiful variants of the popular single action revolver Blackhawk. Does the barrel length affect velocity, and how realistic exactly are they? Read on and find out!

We take a look at the 2 latest 1911 gas pistols on the block from Tokyo Marui and SOCOM Gear, respectively.
Western Arms M4A1 CQB-R

Check out our review on the much-hyped Western Arms M4A1 CQB-R. Is it any kop, or is it just a load of hot air?
Western Arms ParaOrdnance P14-45

This P14-45 series pistol from Para-Ordnance is a high powered 1911 framed pistol for Government lovers!
Rifle Reviews
VFC M40A3: Accuracy Out of the Box

VFC's first replica bolt action spring sniper rifle is a good looker, but will it perform?
The Tokyo Marui L96 AWS Reviewed

How does this perform? Does it really shoot harder than any other TM rifles out of the box? How do I get inside this?
Read more to find out!
Ares Cheytac Intervention M200

After a long wait, the much anticipated Ares Cheytac Intervention is finally out, but has a long development time given birth to a sniping prodigy or an expensive wallhanger?
Marushin M1 Garand review

Marushin in the past has produced several gas 8mm world war two guns, but does Marushin's Garand do justice to one of history's most innovative and prolific rifles?
Kar98K Sporter - a peek

Find out what makes the Kar98K such a superb rifle!
Sun Project M40A1

The ultimate sniper system, and then some...
Shotgun Reviews
APS CAM870 Magnum - To the edge of real!

The APS CAM870 Magnum is the most realistic airsoft shotgun to date! but how does it manage such a feat?
Marushin Mossberg M500 (8mm)

The Marushin Mossberg M500 is an effective and realistic shotgun for short to medium engagement distances. Proper spread, 8mm BBs for intimidation effect, extremely realistic racking sound and no loose shells to worry about. What more could you ask for?
Airsoft Surgeon M870 Slug Shot

The Airsoft Surgeon Slug Shot has been causing a lot of stir recently, this article covers all you need to know about it and more!
Tokyo Marui M203 Grenade Launcher

Technically a shotgun, this M203 launcher is a perfect addition to your M4 / M16 series AEG!
Tokyo Marui Benelli M3 Super 90

The most favored SWAT shotgun of all time is here - was it worth the wait?
Other Product Reviews
Giena Tactics Combat Uniforms

A look at Russian combat uniforms by Giena Tactics. A brand producing for both military and law enforcement in Russia, how does the product fair in the airosft market?

Redwolf Tim's KSC M11A1 nears its final form. Find out what kind of monstrosity it has become.
Socom Gear Desert Shield Version 2

Looking for a well priced mid-range super customizable light, medium, or heavy vest? Find out why you need the SOCOM Gear Desert Shield Version 2!
IASUS NT3 Black Ops 2 Throat Mic

Find out why the IASUS NT3 Black Ops 2 Throat Mic is an essential piece of kit.
Grenadier's Roundup

We have here a comprehensive roundup of several types of grenade launchers, including the M203 and AGX, as well as many types of grenades for em!
Hurricane Holosight 551, 552 & 556

Sight is a precious thing indeed, especially when it comes to getting accurate hits. Sometimes a plain-old iron sight just doesn't cut the mustard. The Hurricane is one of the most popular sights for airsofting, but why? Also, find out the difference between their different models here.
Rico Alpha 9 Tactical Illuminator (LED)

A bright look at a dedicated weapon-mounted tactical illuminator with one big Cree XRE LED providing a blinding 225 lumens (over 100 meters range), and two smaller lights for discreet close illumination without revealing the position. LED there be light!
Blast from the past! MARUSHIN CZ-75

Czech this out! Take a trip down memory lane with our article and video on the superb shell-ejecting Marushin Cz75.
Airsoft Innovations TORNADO Grenade

The Tornado has landed! See why Airsoft Innovations' Tornado Grenade has been causing a storm in our complete review.
Pantac Uncovered

See why the Pantacs are the best thing since sliced-bread (please don't try eating it).
How to choose the right Systema gearbox for you?

Here's the Redwolf guide on how to choose the right Systema Mechbox for your needs.
Deep Fire Grenade

We review the wonderful DeepFire grenades, the MK2 and the M26. Read on further for a thorough review, including tips and tricks.
M72A2 sneak peek!

Take a sneak peak at the latest cool product from the Deepfire boys - the M72A2 launcher!
Gamma M-33 Claymore

A comprehensive review of one of the most exciting products to have hit the Airsoft market recently - the Gamma M33 Claymore mine.
Maintenance & Tips Articles
Blunders in the Pursuit of Performance

Is the obsession with power that is prevalent in many communities a step in the right direction?
The Price of Accuracy

Want to know the difference between cheap and expensive optics? Here we compare the most essential aspect of them.
Which Gas is Best?

Redwolf Labs tested 9 different brands of gasses to find the best!
Add some protection!

A step-by-step guide how to install the Pantac Force Recon Protective Accessories Kit to the Force Recon Vest.
Principles of Gas Blowback (GBB)

Ever wondered how a Gas Blowback gun works? Can it be upgraded, and how? Read this article and find out the short history and a more detailed look into the workings of GBB pistols.
Hit what you aim - Zero your sights!

Hit what you aim - Zero your sights! Read our article on how to make sure you hit what you aim.
Gas Blowback Regular Maintenance

Check out our latest article for top tips on how to maintain your gas blowback pistol.
What you don't know about the WA M4 Gas Magazine

Did you know you can shoot a WA M4A1 upside down? Learn all about the ingenious magazine design, and how to disassemble and maintain it properly.
Moscart assembly (VIDEO)

Assembly guide for Moscart type 40 mm shells. With video!
Stop the bleeding!

A useful trick to reduce wasted gas during the filling of gas magazines & shells.
Midcap maintenance

Useful information to all users of midcap magazines.
Tricks for the Hi-Capa

Some tips and tricks for tricking out your Marui Hi-Capa. Essential reading material!
AEG Care

Proper care for your AEG will ensure it lasts a long time!
AEG Troubleshooting

Your AEG not working properly? Troubleshoot it here.