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KTW Ithaca M37 Sawed Off

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Product Code: KTW-4571383520493
Weight: 870 g
Length: 620 mm
Capacity: 42 rds
Power: 215 fps (0.42 Joules)
Power Source: Spring
Blowback: NO
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto
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Unit Price: USD$119.99

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The Ithaca 37 Shotgun is a highly prolific 12ga pump-action shotgun used mostly by military and law enforcement services but also sees wide use in the civilian sector. A highly popular weapon, it is famed for is simplistic robustness, reliability and low weight whilst also being available in a variety of different shotgun gauges. It is so common that it has cropped up in countless Hollywood movies over the years to such an extreme that it goes unnoticed as an everyday item in action movies these days.

This weapon is identical to the full length Feather Light model but offers a stockless grip and shorter barrel. 62 cm / 2 feet long but only 870 g / 1.9 lbs, it cranks out 0.2g BBs out to short-medium range at 275fps and while that is not much it is better for short range work and its certainly enough to feel it out to 15m / 50 feet without too much effort. A weapon like this can be used to compliment a pistol for indoor / short range CQB games when coming across a corridor or larger room and the more power-constant shotgun can put more accurate groupings down range then a spluttering gas weapon.

Another interesting feature found on the KTW M37, as on their other shotguns, is the fire selector. It allows the selection of firing one or two BBs per shot allowing you to consume ammo twice as fast to provide a micro pattern when shooting to increase hit chance or spook the enemy a little more.

The sawn-off differs from the police model by using faux wood style furniture instead of the police styles black polymer furniture and rubberized pistol grip.

Its 42 round tube is probably too awkward to reload in the field but as it comes with a spare tube you can switch them easily enough to allow you a total capacity of 84 rounds. This weapon makes for a nice affordable choice for the beginner or casual player; its might not be as realistic as higher end shotguns but it is no where near as expensive either and it shoots well enough to be a supplementary back-up repeating rifle or just a backyard plinker.

Magazine Compatibility: 

  • KTW M37 Tube Magazine 


  • x1 KTW Ithaca M37 Sawed Off
  • x1 Tube Magazine 
  • x1 User Manual 

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