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PRODUCT DETAILS PPS M870 Pump Action Gas Shotgun

PPS M870 Pump Action Gas Shotgun

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Product Code: PPSGUM-SH-01-0001
Weight: 2,314 g
Length: 866 mm
Capacity: 4+1 rds
Power: 350 fps (1.12 Joules)
Power Source: Green Gas / Top Gas
Blowback: NO
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto
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Unit Price: USD$230.00
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The Remington M870 is a U.S-made pump-action shotgun and is a popular gun of choice for Law enforcement agencies for defensive shooting. It is also used by civilians for target shooting, hunting and self-defense.

This PPS M870 is a replica of the real one, with metal parts including the main receiver, barrel and magazine tube. The stock and handguard are ABS, but it operates just like the real thing, bottom-loaded and ejects the spent shells from the side. The pump action makes a solid "ker-clunk" noise.

It is very easy to carry around due to its lightweight and is rather pleasant to shoot though the pump action does feel a little stiff from time to time. With HFC 134A the performance is 250fps, and in testing, the highest using Top Gas was 350 fps.

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