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PRODUCT DETAILS Airsoft Surgeon Magpul M700 Sniper Version III

Airsoft Surgeon Magpul M700 Sniper Version III

Product Brand:

Airsoft Surgeon

Product Code: AS-SP-039
Weight: 4,300 g
Length: 1,120 mm
Capacity: 12 rds
Power: 450 fps (1.86 Joules)
Power Source: Green Gas / Top Gas
Blowback: NO
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto
In stock
Unit Price: USD$2299.00

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The Magpul M700 stock is the lastest offering from Magpul for the M700 community that offers a modular and lightweight polymer option. Combined with the Black Tanaka M700, it becomes a super attractive sniper rifle, maybe less on the tactical side, but more on the hunting rifle side.

Tanaka M700 gas rifles have been made for quite a while, so you can expect it to be really stable and well developed, combined with the Magpul polymer M700 stock just makes it more ergonomic and lightweight, featuring an extended cheek pad and ergonomic grip, it makes shooting this rifle a breeze.

With the 16 inch barrel and a 8 inch suppressor with an inner barrel inside is about to shoot at around 450fps, you are totally ready to do some serious plinking. attached is a 3.5-10x field scope, and an extended scope rail, a harris style bipod, so if the standard scope does not satisfy you, you can totally put a night vision scope in the front to make you the predator at night. Includes original Magpul buttpad spacers.