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PRODUCT DETAILS Marushin Mauser Kar98K Sporter Black HW Walnut Stock (6mm Gas Version)

Marushin Mauser Kar98K Sporter Black HW Walnut Stock (6mm Gas Version)

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Product Code: MRUS-4920136145122
Weight: 3,142 g
Length: 1,120 mm
Capacity: 5 rds
Power: 300 fps (0.83 Joules)
Power Source: Green Gas / Top Gas
Blowback: NO
Shooting Mode: Bolt Action
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Unit Price: USD$519.99

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A classic WWII era rifle deployed as a standard infantry rifle by the Wehrmacht, the Kar98 made used of a tried and trusted bolt action system. Whilst it may have lacked the rate of fire of the M1 Garand, the German military doctrine placed the rifleman in support of the machine gunner anyway.

This model is very similar to Marushins previous shell ejecting Kar98 albeit this version is in 6mm. The smaller, lighter pellets enjoy high FPS with a high efficiency gas system giving this weapon about 280 fps on HFC/duster gas and around 300 FPS on Green/Top gas. As this model is the 98k carbine, it has a length that is also not too unmanageable unlike the full length Kar98 which can be a bit unwieldy anywhere other then open spaces.

Just like the 8mm version, the 5 shell capacity is complimented with a stripper clip to not only speed up loading the shells into the rifles internal magazine but also helps in carrying around the shells as well as adding to the realism of using the rifle.

The high metal content, realistic looking shells, incredibly smooth action and high quality real wood body all come together to make this a stunning display piece (that just happens to also shoot pretty well too).

As a Marushin weapon, we do point out that it really should only be run on HFC/duster gas as strictly speaking it was not built to handle greater pressure then that. Although it can handle Green and Red gas, there is no guarantee that the internals will hold up to those pressures without sustaining damage.