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PRODUCT DETAILS Silverback SRS A2 (22 inch Barrel) Licensed by Desert Tech - FDE

Silverback SRS A2 (22 inch Barrel) Licensed by Desert Tech - FDE

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Product Code: SBA-BLT-09FDE
Weight: 2,525 g
Length: 865 mm
Capacity: 30 rds
Power: 360 fps (1.19 Joules)
Power Source: Spring
Blowback: YES
Shooting Mode: Bolt Action
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Unit Price: USD$499.99

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The Desert Tech SRS is an outstanding bullpup sniper rifle that has made waves both in the real steel world and in airsoft by their licensed manufacturer Silverback. The long awaited A2 version is here and is a great improvement over the previous A1 version.

One of the notable upgrades seen on the A2 is its rail system, it now features a slimline MLOK rail that greatly improved on weight reduction and opened up the rifle to a new world of attachable accessories. Lightening the rifle is a main theme here as the chassis is also lighter then the previous generations due to the updating of the manufacturing process and lessons learned from the SRS Lightweight Edition. Overall, the A2 versions are on average over 20% lighter than previous generations with the 22" version being roughly 25% lighter (A1 3.35KG / A2 2.5KG).

With the lighter weight, Silverback did not back down from the performance of the rifle but added great quality of life updates to a tried and proven system that has received many awards such as Popular Airsoft's Player's Choice Awards for Best Sniper. Some of the updates added are a quick hop up adjustment system that is preinstalled and can be used right out of the box and dampened spring guide. Not to mention you will get the same consistency and accuracy synonymous with the Silverback SRS line of rifles.

Internally the rifles are straight forward and easy to maintain.? The assembly of the guns are similar to the A1s which means barrel swaps, replacing or upgrading the bolt, and upgrading the hop up are just as easy.


  • Length: 865mm
  • Weight: 2,525g
  • Magazine Capacity: 30rd
  • Power Source: Spring Cocking
  • Shooting Mode: Bolt Action
  • Hop Up: Adjustable
  • Magazine Compatibility: Silverback SRS Magazine
  • FPS: Approx. 360FPS +/-


  • x1 Silverback SRS A2 (22 inch Barrel) Licensed by Desert Tech - FDE
  • x1 Magazine
  • x1 User Manual