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PRODUCT DETAILS Tanaka M40A1 U.S.M.C. Air Wood Stock Version

Tanaka M40A1 U.S.M.C. Air Wood Stock Version

Product Brand:

Tanaka Works

Product Code: TNK-4537212006705
Weight: 3,021 g
Length: 1,115 mm
Capacity: 27 rds
Power: 350 fps (1.12 Joules)
Power Source: Spring
Blowback: NO
Shooting Mode: Bolt Action
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Unit Price: USD$566.99

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The M40 is a bolt-action sniper rifle used by the United States Marine Corps. It has had four variants/ The M40, M40A1, M40A3, and M40A5. The M40 was introduced in 1966. Each M40 is built from a Remington 700 bolt-action rifle, and is modified by USMC 2112 (Armorers) at Marine Corps Base Quantico, using components from a number of suppliers. New M40A3s are being built, and A1s are upgraded to A3s as they rotate into the armory for service and repair. The rifles have had many sub-variations in telescopic sights, and smaller user modifications.


The original M40 was a military type-classified version of the Remington 700; it was factory-made, and had a one-piece wooden stock much like this version. The M40A1 switched to fiberglass stocks made by McMillan, with new scopes. The trigger pull on the M40A1 is 3 to 5 lb (2.3 kg) making it lighter then a stock M700 to improve accuracy.

The M40 is the go to rifle for Airsofters looking to put together a milspec loadout sniper. With an M40 in your collection, you can outfit as a sharpshooter in pretty much any military or law enforcement branch type from the US and many other western countries and it would be technically acceptable as correct.

This weapon does not come with a scope but it does have a rail top for easy installation of after market scope rings and sights.

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