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VFC APO ASW338LM - Black

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Product Code: AG4-ASW338-BK01
Weight: 4,972 g
Length: 1,070 mm
Capacity: 40 rds
Power: 400 fps (1.47 Joules)
Power Source: Spring
Blowback: NO
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto
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Unit Price: USD$449.99
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Out of stock
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APO, ASG and VFC teamed up to produce the airsoft Replica to the ASW338LM with MOD1 Chassis. And having the a first glance at it, I am very, very impressed.

Its Quattro fore-end accessory rails with the monolithic rail on top, a 14mm anti-clockwise flash-hider capable of attaching a quick detach silencer, the barrel, the front end receiver, the monopod and near the back end of the butt stock and is all made out of die cast aluminium. The pistol grip and the frame work of the stock are of high quality polymer and the butt end is made out of rubber.

The stock is by far the most impressive part of the ASW. Its ergonomic butt stock folds, extends another couple of inches. It can be raised off the floor with the monopod which can also lengthen itself a couple of inches. The cheek rest raises with the use of the additional allen key and then butt of the stock can lower and raise itself with a push of a button.

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