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PRODUCT DETAILS Madbull Powder Shot Landmine

Madbull Powder Shot Landmine

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Product Code: MB-PS01
Weight: 150 g
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The first mass produced Airsoft landmine is finally for scenario gaming or just for pranks! Add variety to your war game experience with this gas powered land mine that detonates when your enemy steps on it. Shower them with baby powder or other debris or use as a distraction device. Emits a loud pop when detonated!

This landmine will deliver best performance with CO2 gas, which gives off a VERY loud "POP" sound when stepped on. Green gas or red gas can be used as well. HFC134a gas will work but will be quite weak. Gas charging is as easy as filling those Madbull shells that we have all come to love (see in Fig.2). Baby powder loading is also very simple - just remove the upper cover and put the powder on the dish (Fig.3). When you are ready and the mine is in position, unscrew the safety ring, put the upper cover back and hide it with leaves or straws! You can also put 8mm BBs or paintballs over the holes so that they fly upward when the mine is detonated. Madbull has deliberately chosen not to make this landmine use 6mm BBs for safety reasons since the BB's would fly upwards and possibly through the games in players' safety glasses.

Easy to reset and reuse. Individually serial-numbered for easy identification in case someone tries to steal your landmine and make it theirs! Our limited edition series is engraved with "REDWOLF".

(1) Please read instructions before use.
(2) For safety reasons, do not cover the device by any sharp objects, stones, or any other items that may cause injury to players.
(3) Wear goggles at all times when using, or use full face protection (recommended)

Disclaimer: All aftermarket upgrade parts require necessary skill or modification to install and assemble, please consult with your airsoft technician if needed.

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